Sing Praises

February 25, 2024

Our Anger and Impatience

January 28, 2024
Do we understand our anger? Do we admit that we have a problem with anger? Do we take time analyzing our anger? What is the antidote for our anger?


January 21, 2024
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Why do people have a tendency of not embracing change? What solution does Jesus offer to why we…

Forgiveness and Love

January 14, 2024
How does God really feel about you? Can we really beĀ  truly known and fully Loved?

Refuge and Strength

January 7, 2024
Who is your refuge? Where do you find your strength? Is it lasting? can you depend on it?

New Year’s Service

December 31, 2023
Who are you going to walk with? Who you walk with will effect your experience of life. Who you walk with will influence where your life leads.

Christmas Day

December 25, 2023
Jesus born to be an eternal king. Jesus a savior to all people. Jesus a light for the world

God’s image

December 17, 2023
What does being made in the image of God mean? Do we mirror God or ourselves?

God among us

December 10, 2023
Who is God? How is it that God could be among us? Why did he have to come among us ?

Dear Laodicea

December 3, 2023
Are you distinctive and/or useful in the sight of God? What happens when you're not?

Dear Philadelphia

November 26, 2023
Are you feeling weak in your struggle with sin? Are you feeling weak about your Public witness? Are your physical circumstances impacting your spiritual life negatively? Do you feel like…

Dear Sardis

November 19, 2023
Are you Alive or Dead? If Dead, is there any Hope? What do you Do? Who do you look to? Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up!

Dear Thyatira

November 12, 2023
Who is Jezebel? Why Should we avoid Her teaching? Does your Church Condone Sexual Immorality?

Dear Pergamum

November 5, 2023
Out of those who do not Deny their Faith in Jesus, there are Some who still live like the rest of the world does? What will Happen to them? Is…

Dear Smyrna

October 29, 2023
Are you Being Persecuted for being a Faithful Witness of Jesus? Remain Faithful. Receive Eternal Life.

Dear Ephesus

October 22, 2023
Do you work Hard to spread the word of God, but lost your love you first had for Jesus? Hear what Jesus has to say to churches, and people in…

The Vision

October 15, 2023
A letter from the KING. Who is he? What does listening to him mean for you?

The King’s Invitation

October 8, 2023
Many are Invited, but few are Chosen.

The Tenants of the Vineyard

October 1, 2023
What type of Tenant are you? Do you recognize the owner or do you reject him and who he sends?

The Sons and the Vineyard

September 24, 2023
Repent and Believe
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