The Gospel is an invitation.

'Joining In' aims to welcome and connect newish people into the life of God’s family here at Gracefields Church. We want to be intentional about connecting people because we believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ invites us to new, changed lives to be lived out in the local church.

What is Joining In?

Joining In aims to welcome and connect newish people into the life of God's family here at Gracefields Church. All newcomers who want to find out more about our church are invited to attend. Joining in runs over four sessions. Each session seeks to explain aspects of the Christian faith which we believe are very important. These convictions shape the way we do things at Gracefields Church and will help you to see why we do things the way we do them!

The first session takes place  on a Sunday, after the 10 am service. The remaining sessions run on an evening in the week. You are most welcome to attend the first session before committing to the remaining sessions! At the end of the series, we’ll invite you to join one of our Fellowship Groups and to serve in a Team that suits your gifting and capacity.

When will the next Joining In be?

The next 'Joining In' will be in the first term of 2024.

  • Session 1 - Saved by God's Grace 
  • Session 2 - Saved to live for God 
  • Session 3 - Saved into God's Community  
  • Session 4 - Saved for God's Mission 

Have Questions?

If you have have any questions, feel free to contact the office.

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