Giving enables Gospel Ministry

There are so many different gospel ministries that God is using to grow disciples, here at Gracefields Church! These ministries are possible because so many have given, sacrificially, of their time and their money.

Why do we give?

There are many reasons, in the Bible, for why Christians should give financially to support Christian work. Find several of these reasons in our 'Guide to Gospel Giving' below:

How do I give?

Commitment Card


Where does my giving go?


Our Church

Your giving funds the work done at Gracefields church including:


Our Staff Team 

Our Outreach Events

Our Building Costs

Our Mission

Our church gives some of your giving to others! This comes from our convictions about our Mission as a church:


Our Mission Partners

UBabalo neThemba Church

Southreach Church (Muizenberg)

Our Family of Churches (REACH-SA)


Our Community

Some of your giving is used to love and care for our community:


iThemba School

Mercy Ministries (e.g. COVID relief)

Community Events

 If you have any questions about any of the above please don’t hesitate to contact the church office: or 021-7856682