Our Church Council

Our Church Council

Marcus Badach
People's Warden

Married to Jolene, father to Anakin and Tallissa, grandad to little Grayson.

Community and group leader and entrepreneur in the software industry. 

David Beukes
Rector's Warden

Married to Michele. We don't have two-legged kids but love our dogs, Grace and Angus to bits.

We've been at Gracefields Church for many years and are currently part of Steve Aarons fellowship group.

Craig French

Married to Shannon, father to Abigail and Noah.

Part of Marcus Badach's fellowship group.

Product specialist in the asset management industry and drummer in the making.

Jeremy Louw
Building & Maintenance Portfolio

Married to Jo Louw, have a daughter, Zara and twin boys, Andrew and Craig.

I have been part of the Gracefields Church family since 2010. I am in a fellowship group led by Marcus Badach and our families are regulars at the 8am service.

I am a self employed builder and enjoy spending as much time as possible in the sea.

Wilhelm Janse van Rensburg
Governance & Policies Portfolio

Married to Loyde Villarroel and have a son Ignacio.  They have been part of the Gracefields Church family since moving to Cape Town in 2011.

They have formed part of several small groups over the years and are currently part of the small group of Steve and Amy Aaron.

Wilhelm is a Defence Researcher for the Parliament of South Africa and has an interest in military affairs and governance accountability structures